Light Through Responsive Mind

My work is about “the joy of being in a continual present” and a tribute to the concept of “living in the moment”. Focusing on the process of pictorial composition rather than any type of dogmatic practice, I aim to give visual life to the simplicity and complexity of mantras and mandala motifs by a repetition of lines evoking a sense of rhythmic meditation.

My Way: Light Through Responsive Mind is based on the painstaking application of a circular, abstract geometry whereby the circumference of a circle is sequentially divided into twelve, six, and three sections to provide the illusion of a three dimensional viewing experience. This process is as much a structure of mind as it is a physical entity that evokes a heightened awareness of our existence. I find the application of this process to be thoroughly meditative; creating an intangible and truly universal space that does not belong to any one place. For me, this experience is decidedly spiritual, blissful and transcendent into the beauty of evolving form.